ACREDO by Joey Holder Emmeli Person Josefina Anjou Philip Ullman Veronica Brùner Philip Ullman &Cleo Tsw Vesna Salamon Philip Ullman &Carl Herner

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ACREDO by Joey Holder
ACREDO by Joey Holder
ACREDO by Joey Holder
Emmeli Person
Emmeli Person
Emmeli Person
Emmeli Person
Emmeli Person
Josefina Anjou
Josefina Anjou
Josefina Anjou
Philip Ullman
Philip Ullman
Philip Ullman
Philip Ullman & Carl Herner
Philip Ullman & Cleo Tsw
Emmeli Person
Emmeli Person
Emmeli Person
Emmeli Person
Veronica Brùner
Veronica Brùner
Vesna Salamon
Vesna Salamon

Documentation by Tor Westerlund.

About Tails

24 - 26 August 2018

Reaktorhallen R1 KTH
Drottning Kristinas väg 51
Stockholm SW

Tails is an exhibition offering timespace to those in need to discuss different ways of understanding and approaching truth.

Tails is a project run by Josefina Anjou, Philip Ullman, Sofia Jonsson and Jasmina Šarić.

Manon Bachelier


The rare ends of a

Probability density function

are called tails. It is the possible but extremely unlikely outcome in one direction and the possible but extremely unlikely outcome in the other. In between the extremely unlikely but yet still possible outcomes,

the tails

, measures the dense probability in which we have good use of in the shaping and creating of knowledge and prediction of Nature. What we actually do when we learn about the nature of the World and the world of Nature is never as deterministic as it may seem. Possibilities and probabilities is all we got. And when we lean closer and look at nature at a quantum scale, it seems as if possibilities and probabilities is all they actually




In a fragmented world where everyone is a co-creator of our cultural reality, the big Narrative is replaced with endless possibilities. The research and results within natural sciences, however, is often perceived as an unchanging foundation built on undeniable facts free from interpretations. We find selections and interpretations in all human actions. Research findings are deprived from their contexts, manipulated and used in different political and cultural agendas. These results have an immense resonans and impact, shaping how we see the world. Therefore, it is urgent to illuminate the processes and how we can understand them. All should be given the possibility to decide how we can interpret research. In an increasingly unstable political situation across the globe, there is an perception of and a spread of alternative facts, fake news and “post truth”, perhaps due to the erosion of the notion of the one and true “Narrative”. We want to encourage a broader audience to take an interest in and be co-interpreters of how its findings can be beneficial for us as a society.
We believe that art can provide a useful entry point to this. Both art and science are producers of new perception and new knowledge, and both shape how we understand our surroundings. They both want to reach the truth but both has to go through mediums, in its research as well as in its results, instinct with subjectivity.


Tails is a project run by Josefina Anjou, Philip Ullman, Sofia Jonsson and Jasmina Šarić, showing works by:

Fina Anjou, (SE/NL)

Fina is an Amsterdam-based artist whose interest lies in the sciencefictional and queer nature. With somewhat kitschy aesthetics she covers as well as moves out of a 2-dimensional space, such as a painting. Trying to undo some dualisms and point out absurdities in reality, she is referring in equal extend to imaginary worlds. Will it so be illustrated physics or funky cartoons.

Philip Ullman, (SE/NL)
*in partial collaboration
with Cleo Tsw, (SGP/NL)
and Carl Herner, (SE/NL)

Philip is an Amsterdam-based artist. In his work he explores concepts such as wayfinding and navigation, both physical and mental, in, around and about the contemporary body.
* with the participation of Cleo Tsw, a graphic designer and writer; and Carl Herner, a graphic designer and filmmaker exploring the metamorphosis of bodies through the emotional impact of technology through mediums ranging from vertex coordination to dripping plastic; both studying at the Rietveld Academie.

Joey Holder, (UK)

Joey’s interest is that of our planet earth. If we take a closer look with many eyes in many directions we see how alien our home is to us. Taking into account every online picture for the bigger picture, with her 30 or more different tumblrs, she challenges the idea of the original and the natural. At Tails we are happy to premiere her video work ADCREDO.

Emmeli Person, (SE)

Emmeli is an artist based in Stock -holm. Currently researching how preschool children use the concept of reality, she is also co-running the learning program at Index. Her sculpture-based practice leaks into collective formats, using fiction to undermine semiotic structures.

Malin Sternesjö, (SE)

Malin explores forms of storytelling through mediums such as installation, performance and video games. Skeptical of the alleged subversive forces in the artistic position, she is questioning the art world’s self-image as standing outside of mainstream society.

Vesna Salamon, (CRO/SE)

Vesna has an MA in printmaking and art education from the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb and is currently a post-master candidate at the Royal institute of Art in Stockholm. Her work ranges from sculpture, light and sound installations, artist’s books, drawing and printmaking.

Contributions by:

Veronica Brunér, (SE)

Veronica is a psychologist and PhD student. Her work focuses on mental illness and how it is treated within psychiatric health care. She is especially interested in how common ways of framing mental illness can come into conflict with goals or ideals concerning for example justice or equality. In this exhibition, we allow her to work outside of these frames, as an artist, to allow for other understandings of mental illness.

Henrik Ullman, (SE/US)

Henrik graduated both an MD and PhD in Neuroscience at Karolinska Institute in 2016. He is currently working as a Radiology resident in Los Angeles, CA.

The nuclear
reactor hall



Tails look closer on the medium that carries facts™ . The method used for the delivery. From the professor™ to the student™ , the governor™ to the governed™ , the observation™ to the documentation™ . A photo™ , a book™ , a website™ , a link on facebook™ . Some of our truth producers might have dark underhanded intentions. Some of them want to unmask, naked and blunt as they possibly can. But even the most unbiased of methods needs a medium of delivery, and a medium can never not be subjective.
In a new world of constant blur of what's fiction and what’s not I sort off get a feeling that all of it is two sides on the same coin. Just more or less. Heads up for all the false alarms! Tails down for truths too!


The term “emergence” comes from the Latin verb


which means to arise, to rise up, to come up or to come forth. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a number of components operate together, producing a richer result collectively. It can be predictable or unprecedented, intended or unintended. The new outcome have properties that typically can not be found in the individual parts that it consists of. Emergent behaviour can be ripple pattern in sand dunes, the behaviour of a flock of birds, termite cathedrals, school of fish moving in tandem.

och konst

Last week I talked to my friend who is in the end of her studies in bio medicine. We spoke about her future plans as a post-grad. She said, you know, it’s like art, there is no employments. You can work in a research lab I said, you will be a part of the future! You will be there in the front and search with a flashlight, finding clues and developing new knowledge! How very exciting! -Every job you'd get is project based, and its all depending on how gladly the government wants to finance it. Or even someone else, private. You have to catch their interest, and hope you have the wind with you. You can just pray you got the same interests as the ones holding onto the funds, it may be hard to stay true to yourself and your values, to why you wanted to get into this field in the first place, right. Its money driven and carrier driven. Just like the silly sister, Art.
It is indeed hard. But the two of them are so beautiful! Snart and Aience are sisters. We could sit back and not give a damn in either of them. We could just harvest what we got, what we sown these last millenniums. We could nurture our children of the planet with the fruit that has grown. But Snart and Aience dares to walk on the unmapped grounds. Aience with her beaming flashlight and Snart with a sharp blade, making way in the thick vegetation for the ones who want to follow them.


Soft power

is the ability to shape the preferences of others through appeal and attraction.

Cognitive mapping

is the mapping one creates in one’s own head when getting to know a new physical location.


is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area.

Digital Dementia

is a term used to describe how overuse of digital technology is resulting in the breakdown of cognitive abilities in a way that is more commonly seen in people who have suffered a head injury or psychiatric illness.

It’s the second machine age and I feel like a machine with epileptic seizures of reality checks. Network deficiency causing personality disorder. My digital self is a blue arrow floating in a sea of grey non-space. Everytime disconnection happens it’s like waking up from a dream. Everytime I wake up I try to re-establish where I am. Is anyone else here? What time of the day is it? What did I do before I fell asleep? Did I sleep or did I just lose focus?
New places and memories appear that I don’t know where they came from. Cognition was the last part of me that I could sell. After that they didn’t want anything more. They could implement whatever they wanted and I just thought it had always been there. The only thing I needed help with was to make the route on the map on how I would get to my newly acquired memory.
Everyday I have to move the piece of flesh that is my body. Triggering sensors all around me exposing that I’m here. It’s completely dark but they don’t need light to see. It’s impossible to go unnoticed. The immaterial bodies have outquicked me and outnumbered me a long time ago.
Sometimes I dream of unmapped territory. Digital, physical, inside me or around me. When I went to biology class in middle school we got an assignment to go out into the forest and pick one square meter and write down everything we could find in this square meter. Write down every animal, plant, type of soil, insect that we can find. It took a long time, and I can’t really say that the data gathered was the most precise, but at least I’d seen the data gathering with my own eyes.


It happens that one in the middle of the night wakes up in despair because one is convinced that her arm is falling off. The muscle tissue dissolve at a point just beneath one’s shoulder. The heavy bone inside the arm pulls the arm down, weighting it from its joint, detaching, veins are snapping. The skin gets all gooey and stretches out, only to finally rip in two. Gravity is keeping the arm limp and still at its spot on the sheets. A puddle of blood grows around its open end. The nerves are the ones still working, telling you all this. Sending sensations back and forth. Tiny tubes connecting the area from the fingertips throughout the arm, across the space between the arm and where it used to sit, into the flesh again and out through the body and up towards the nerve centre. Flash and tingle when they spam your mind-brain with electricity. The horrible sensation is waking you up, only to short thereafter realize you have been fooled, and your arm is still there where it is supposed to be.

When a tree in the forest loses a branch it cries. It will grow back out though, or the wound will heal with new bark. Actually if a whole tree snaps and falls to the ground it can grow back up again. The same cellulose will not magically reform into a new trunk of course but the individual tree can be sort of reborn, the identity of the tree can be saved. Its ghost is spread out under the forest ground.
The mycelia spreads out intricate and wide, often across the whole forest. It knocks on the little tips of a tree’s roots. Can I connect? Yes, a smart tree lets the fungi attach. A web of information for all trees connected to access. Mycelium is for the forest what the nerve system is for the flesh body, or if you will, what internet is for the collective.
The information of the forest or, the mind of the forest, is decentralized, distributed throughout miles and miles of fungi mycelium. The dreams and memories of an individual tree is kept in the roots of the others. And they do love sharing their ideas and knowledge. Forest guard Peter Wohllben says “A forest is never stronger than its weakest tree” after his caring observation of the forest he governs. He noticed that a hurt or chopped down tree is a big loss for the whole forest, because the surrounding trees immediately put their own needs aside to strengthen the weaker. They send water and nutrition and protection. They doubtlessly offer their help, spreading out their common resources. Until the weak tree is back on its roots again to the other trees great joy. They know that this now strong tree might help them back some tough day.
Isn't beautiful, isn't obviously simple? Why does this sound so familiar, like I have experienced it in a dream. Or in a fantasy. Or in moments of total clarity. When I believe in the whole, when I believe in karma and when I see every little link between every little blurry unit. Between us each other and further others.


See video

Protein turnover in cortical neurons is in the range of days. These proteins are what stores our memories, determines our personalities and underlie our sensory and cognitive functions. While we feel that these traits and functions are somewhat stable over time, only slowly changing as we age, the biological building blocks are being replaced at a comparatively rapid rate. The brain is a factory constantly rebuilding itself to account for the biological lifetime of its components.

When we wake up after 8 hours of sleep the brain has been partially replaced by biological spare parts. Over the course of a few months to a year, little of the original proteins remain. The brain has in a way slowly and steadily been rebuilt and replaced. However, we feel that we are the same persons with the same memories during this time as the cortical activity follows the same patterns, supported by these spare parts.

The continuous experience must therefore be most closely seen as a reflection of the ongoing neural activity rather than the organic structures that supports it. What it is about this ongoing neural activity that gives rise to the phenomenon of consciousness is not known and will be very hard if not impossible to investigate as we have no physical mean of measuring consciousness itself which is an entirely subjective concept. This has been described by the philosopher David Chalmers as the ”Hard problem” of consciousness in contrast to the ”Easy problems” which includes linking physical brain states to sensations and behavior.

The scientific incapability of determining what organ- isms and things that are conscious makes it similarly difficult to say what is not. Are your friends conscious, is your dog, and how about a jellyfish? Will the electrical currents flowing through silicon based transistors in a CPU invoke, albeit on a much more simple level the same physical phenomenon that gives rise to our conscious perceptions when currents flow though our neurons. According to one of the most prominent theories of consciousness, Integrated information theory, it will. Can a computer programmed to observe its surroundings be seen as a perceptive, minimally conscious mind?

By Henrik Ullman.

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24 - 26 August 2018

Reaktorhallen R1 KTH
Drottning Kristinas väg 51
Stockholm SW

Tails is an exhibition offering timespace to those in need to discuss different ways of understanding and approaching truth.

Tails is a project run by Josefina Anjou, Philip Ullman, Sofia Jonsson and Jasmina Šarić.

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